A new beginning

A new beginning

I have been trying to figure how to make good use of this site.  My original idea was to have this be a sight for my friends to display their art and craft work.  However, I think there are already quite a few online venues for that sort of thing, so I haven’t moved forward.

Recently, I have been going through some emotional challenges that have required me to take a great deal of time off of work, go to doctor’s appointments, and therapy, while having limited resources for childcare.  This started me thinking that I must not be the only low-income, single parent facing childcare challenges.  I am sure there must be resources available, and I know DHS will help with childcare money, but, sometimes you need something immediate and short-term.  What are we supposed to do?  The paddles in my head have been churning over the idea of somehow starting an all volunteer, non-profit childcare resource through The Therapy Goat Project.  It is something like a childcare exchange with friends, but, the people helping don’t have to have kids.

This is just still in the blossoming ideas stage.  I would want anyone who volunteers to have a background check.  I want to have people available 24/7 for emergency care.  I want there to be a limited availability for parents who want to be able to have a day or night out just for themselves, as opposed to childcare that is needed for appointments.  As I said, it is for short-term care.  I am not trying to set people up with long-term childcare so they can work or go to school, although, I would like to have information on resources available, eventually.

So, I am going to keep churning this around.  If you have any ideas or resources you can added, please contact me.  Or, if you would like to volunteer, that would be awesome.  Something that I will need help with, because I cannot afford to do it on my own, is background checks for volunteers.

Thanks for reading!


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